Photo Field Trip 2015 - El Capitan

#yeahfieldtrip...a coming together of photographers and creatives. Days spent making new friends, learning from the photographers you look up to, riding bikes to the beach, experimenting with holi powder and drinking Toms coffee. Nights filled with glamping and bonfires, photo booths and a cereal van, dancing so hard your covered in dirt and glitter, and wide open skies filled with hundreds of stars. Where you meet people from halfway around the world who share the same dreams and fears as you. Where you feel completely yourself and so inspired that there's no turning back. Wishing everyday was like this but knowing this was just what you needed, what your soul needed. I am so grateful for this amazing community of photographers and friends. I now live by these words and the memories I made at Photo Field Trip...There are no rules, be discontent so you are always changing and learning, be kind, collaborate with friends, make decisions from the heart, trust yourself and your vision, it's better to be in this together than in it alone!

And I can't forget the Smilebooth...

katya wasylkevych